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Got Undeliverable email - what to do?

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What is an undeliverable email?

Technically speaking, when you send an email to some email address and the recipient's email address is closed or not working, you receive an undeliverable email (bounced email). There are two types of undeliverable emails. One is called a soft bounce. Soft bounce happens when there is a temporary error at recipient email address (e.g. the recipient's email server is down for 1 hour). The other type of undeliverable email falls into the category of a hard bounce. This happens when the recipient email address is no longer functioning (closed). 

Below are a few facts of undeliverable emails:

  • An average email list has about 15% undeliverable emails.
  • Every year 32% people change their email addresses.
  • Researches show that the annoyance level of receiving undeliverable email is as equivalent to receiving Spam emails. 

Who all is affected by undeliverable email?

If you are an ISP, a web host, an online business owner or a savvy internet user, we all have noticed the headache of getting undeliverable emails. How many times did we send email to some of our friends and after a few minutes we get an Undeliverable Email notification. We wish if we could do something to reduce the amount of undeliverable emails and to send the emails to their proper destinations. 

What is the solution to undeliverable email?

In real-life, we have a Post Office change of service. If a consumer enrolls in Post Office change of service, any snail mail sent to consumer's old mail address is forwarded to new mail address.

In cyber world, there aren't any services to solve the annoying problem of bounced email. Then I came across SwitchEmail.com. It boasts to be a real "solution for bounced email". So I tested it, and it works. Registration is free and once registered, you just simply forward all your bounced emails to a generic email address ''. They do the rest. SwitchEmail.com looks up the database for the new email address and then forwards an email. They also notify you the latest email address of the recipient.

Another way is to pick up the phone and call your friend to get the new email address. Yeah, right! Who has the time? I just forward all the bounced emails to ''  and let them do all the work.



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